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A fun place for any Nintendo fan!

Group Founder: soulsiph
Description: A fun place for Ninty fans to talk it up and discuss anything Nintendo! Please have fun and try to be polite. Thanks.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 13
Category: Games > Nintendo

Topics (21)

go +what are you playing?+ (5) soulsiph
List what you're currently playing on Wii/DS or any other Nintendo console. *will update as needed -

go +Can Wii Play DVDs?+ (6) gazy
hey on my ps3 it lets me play old ps1 and ps2 games, plus i can play dvds and blu ray disks on my ps3. can wii do any of this or is wii strictly for gaming?

go --Monster Hunter Tri-- (3) soulsiph anything related to Monster Hunter Tri here:

go +pool+ (2) gazy
i like a game of pool at times at pub and i noticed wii has a pool game and u get free wii cue stick. i thought that was ace. should be fun yea.

go +brings back old+ (5) gazy
hey i was looking at a list of wii games with pics. it sure brings back memories from back in super nintendo days with that old classic super mario lol i did also have a sega megadrive aswel.

go *Group Announcements* (9) soulsiph
Hey, please post your personal announcements here. - My Wii has been down for a little over a year, it's gonna cost me 85usd to have it repaired. As soon as I get it fixed, I will post my Wii number a...

go wii coming (2) gazy
hopefully my wii arrives tomorrow, the black console with wii sport and silent hill shatterd memories :) should be good. hey is this game 'how to train your dragon' on the wii? cheers.

go Your Wii Games (8) soulsiph
Post your Wii game collection here.Here's my collection so far:- The Legend Of Zelda : Twilight Princess- Super Paper Mario- Super Smash Bros. Brawl- Mario Kart Wii- Super Mario Galaxy- Resident Evil ...

go *Most Wanted* (5) soulsiph
List your most wanted game lists here for both Wii and 3DS here.* My current most wanted Wii games:- Tatsunoko VS Capcom : Ultimate All-Stars- New Super Mario Bros. Wii- Punch-Out!!- No More Heroes 2 ...

go Discussion Table (5) soulsiph
Discuss anything here:* I wonder how much the new Nintendo 3DS will cost in usd?

go Wii Accessories (1) soulsiph
The has a ton of add-ons and/or accessories: Wii Zapper Wii Wheel...

go +Wii Games To Come+ (6) gazy
im excited for some ps3 new releases like 'mafia 2' should be a good game. how about the wii whats good thats coming soon?

go Wii Numbers and Friend Codes (2) soulsiph you want to share your Wii numbers and friend codes, post em here.---A List Of Wi-Fi Compatible Games (that...

go +Mature Rated titles+ (7) gazy
hey is wii aimed at kids? was thinking of getting the black wii. theres only one game that intrests me so far thats silent hill. at the moment i have a ps3.

go *The Best Wii Games* (0) soulsiph
Help compile a list of the absolute best Wii games to date: The Legend Of Zelda : Twilight Princess


Polls (5)

go Do you have a Club Nintendo account?
go Do you plan to buy a 3DS?
go Do you subscribe to Nintendo Power magazine?
go Do you stream a Netflix account through your Wii?
go Do you play your Wii online?